Meet Fred
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Fred Lynch began sharing his passion for country music when, in 1973, together with his wife Bernadette (better known as Berney), he started the first country music club in Nottingham at the Greyfrairs Catholic Club. The country club ran on a fortnightly basis; there was always a full house and several loyal supporters have been with Fred for over 30 years.  In the early days, there were many good bands and solo/duo acts that had to be really top quality to survive. In the 1980s Fred and Berney took over the club at the Hucknall and Linby Miners Welfare, but when the pit closures began, Hucknall and Linby became a casualty and the Welfare closed,  Fortunately the concert secretary at Gedling Miners Welfare asked Fred and Berney if they would run a country music club there - they agreed and without a break continued running a club.  Among the acts there were Ray Lynam and The Hillbillies, Brendan Quinn and The Bluebirds, Philomena Begley and Shotgun, and perhaps more well-known to todays fans, The Raymond Froggatt Band and The Sarah Jory Band - an impressive list for an “ordinary” country music club. The club ran weekly on Sundays, as it does now, and in those days there was the occasional “mid-week special”, one of which was the first outside broadcast of BBC Radio 2s “Country Club” presented by the late Wally Whyton.  In early 1982, a certain Charlie Landsborough rang Fred and asked for a booking; Fred agreed if Charlie could bring a backing band, which he did (The Jim Donaldson Band) and they appeared at the club on May 24th - for which Charlie was paid the princely sum of £432 - the door takings ! The name of the club was changed to Fred's Place, mostly due to people asking “Who's on at Fred's place?”- proof of Fred and Berney's success and reputation on the country music circuit. Country music has obviously changed a lot over the last few years and unfortunately support for the club, which still runs weekly on Sunday nights, has reduced - possibly due to the increased number of country music festivals held not too far away, and some country music fans not realising that cost of hiring such bands has increased, and not being willing to pay the going rate for their entertainment. However, regular “customers” continue to enjoy their Sunday night fix of country music, watching and listening to varied, but always entertaining, bands.  After all approximately £5 per person (the average cost of entry) is not much these days is it ? So, if you enjoy country music, or live music in general and have perhaps just the slightest interest or curiosity about country music in particular, come along to Fred's Place and enjoy a good night out!